Waiting to hit the rock bottom

Waiting to hit the rock bottom

Am I there or could life get worse?

It’s dark, miserable and desolate

It isn’t the destiny I chose

Waiting for days to end only to sleep peacefully

Impeccable dreams haunt in the night

Where will it end?

Am I there or could it go lower?

Hope is a 4-letter word and optimists are fools

Stay hopeful, things will turn around

Things turn around when they have to

The darkest hour paves way to dawn

The coldest day paves way to warmth

Does hope reduce the length of the night?

Does it make the coldest day any warmer?

Waiting to hit the rock bottom

For all I know things will change

I yearn for misery and affliction

Unless the darkest hour hits, the dawn is away

Has nature known another way?

You either stay at zero or you score more

What does hope really do?

It gives me the courage to sail through

Hold me steady until the march up begins

The intangible gives me a reason to cheer up

Hope is a 4-letter word and maybe optimists aren’t really delusional

Still waiting to hit the rock bottom

Am I finally there and is there hope?

Will things ever go up?


Disclaimer : I mean nothing against the optimists. I have myself been an optimist throughout my life and now I have begun to feel that the constant hoping only makes us sad in the end. However, I highly doubt that I can stop being one. Cheers to us!

Broken Trust?

Has it ever happened to you that the person whom you trusted the most refused to understand you? The person who was the closest to you appears to be the most distant? All of a sudden you’re left alone explaining yourself but there is no one to listen to you! Your trust has been broken?

Sometimes, and only very few times in life, should you justify yourself to others because if trust exists, and I have all the reasons in the world to believe that it does, it has to be blind. Trust should be blind. If you have to justify your deeds to your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or anybody every now and then, you’re with a wrong set of people.

Insecurity is widespread among people. If I have to justify myself to someone every single time, then what is the point of me knowing them and being friends with them in the first place? We might as well behave like we are meeting for the first time with each other. At least, I wouldn’t have to explain myself.

Any new person will give you some benefit of doubt owing to the fact that they don’t know you well and with time, as you start understanding each other better, there shouldn’t be any scope of asking for/giving explanations.

I am not disregarding some instances where people behave differently. At the end of the day, we all are human beings and I have no issues in explaining myself in front of my loved ones. But when you ask the other person to explain, whether or not you’ll believe them will depend on whether you trust them or not. You might love somebody, but trusting is a different ball game altogether. Trust is a blind belief in something or somebody. It doesn’t work on logic; it just exists. If it exists, the other person will see through your actions. If they don’t understand something, they will ask you for an explanation and give you the benefit of doubt. You may not concur, but it is important to know that there is nothing absolutely white or black. They are all shades of grey. Some of my friends will find out and give some cases where there is something absolutely right or wrong. To them, I’d say that exceptions are always there.

There are some people who love you, at least claim so, and they don’t trust you. This is the most toxic situation to be in; love won’t let you go away and lack of trust won’t let you be happy together. Each day, you’d be standing in a witness box and wondering what has happened to your life. You’d be vacillating. Even when you’re explaining yourself, the other person is really not interested in your side of the story. They have a story of their own and they use the elements from your story to justify their own story to themselves. I know it’s easier said than done. The love, or the supposed love, won’t let people part ways and separation will involve tear and pain. But, nothing good in life comes easy.

To begin with, life wasn’t supposed to be easy. Life isn’t a bed of roses. I don’t know why we even compare life to a bed of roses. Why not compare it to a bed of thorns? Why do we not say that life is a bed of thorns? At least, it would set the expectations right. But that would paint a pessimistic picture of the world and I am not a pessimist. I am an optimist, with almost an ideal view of the world. My friends and even acquaintances tell me that I shouldn’t trust people easily. But, my positive view of the world has never landed me into any problem and the people I have trusted so far, barring a few, have always been with me. Goodness prevails among human beings.

When life isn’t a bed of roses, you try to live through the days with courage and by not giving up. Time and tide wait for none. Whether you act in the situation or not, time will pass. It might just help to show some bravery and fight the situation, face it and brace yourself for the outcome. If you believe in God, I’d say whatever happens, happens for good. If you don’t believe in God, then, you, alone, have to steer the wheel of your life.

And if you find yourself explaining in a supposedly trustworthy relationship, romantic or otherwise, and the other person isn’t ready to believe you, think about it. There might have been instances in the past when this would have happened. Maybe you didn’t notice it or maybe it was too small to create a fuss over it/ debate and discuss it. But lack of trust was always there, it just transpired now.

I Pledge Allegiance

Are you Patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?


We all have nationalities. Owing to the country of my birth and the current geographical boundaries, I am an Indian. However, my lineage takes me to a small village in Pakistan named Chunian, near Lahore. My grandparents were amongst the several thousands who crossed the borders when Bharat got independent and partitioned.

I have never been to Pakistan. All my memories are associated with India. To correct myself, all my memories are associated with a few cities in India where I have spent my life until now. I aspire to visit several other places in the country; at the same time, I long for visiting the Americas, Europe, Africa and other places in the world and the yearning is the same.

The Indian army and the Pakistan Army are never at peace with each other. There is news of the Pakistan Army violating ceasefire bringing truce to a standstill. All the efforts of the governments of the two nations are in vain. Yet the people in the two nations really do not despise the other. Pakistan isn’t spared from terrorist attacks either. It isn’t about these two nations alone. People everywhere are struggling. The society is shackled by crippling menaces such as terrorism, poverty, unemployment. It was as heart wrenching when kids were shot in Peshawar as when they were shot in Connecticut. It wasn’t Pakistan or America’s, but the entire world’s loss. Every government aims at providing quality education to children; at least, it’s on their agenda. People everywhere experience fernweh, love serein, hope for kairos with their beloved and experience many more emotions. Despite being distinguished on endless parameters, we, by our disposition, are, essentially, all the same.

The daily prompt came a day after India’s Independence Day. I am patriotic. However, my patriotism isn’t for India, it is for the people that define her. For if all the people were to leave the world, every place would just be a piece of land and the same. India has been fighting for years against the caste system that has been prevalent in the society. Likewise, America has been fighting for giving equal rights to people of African origin. My allegiance is for all the people who stand up for what is right. It isn’t for a piece of land, it for the living beings that define her, who are truly all the same. My patriotism is for humanity.

Writing 201: Future

Let’s keep our spirits up by focusing on whatever it is that’s coming next. Whether it’s about tomorrow, next October, or the year 2345, let today’s poem be inspired by your vision of the future.
Today’s form: Sonnet
Today’s device: Chiasmus


I stand on a crossroad
Confused, which way to go!
The goal I set my eyes on
On Earth, it’s heaven’s abode

Mansion, mercs chauffeur driven
Peace and smile all around
Happiness that knows no bound
World tours all taken

Respect for all beings
With no selfish means
Love what you do and do what you love

Come what may
I’ll work hard until the day
I rise and I shine and I shine and I rise!

Writing 201: Journey

Today’s word prompt is journey. Write a poem about anything that word evokes for you, from the excitement of a trip you’re about to embark on; the mental progress you witnessed someone make; or the struggles, pleasures, and extreme emotions that travel can bring about.

Today’s form: limerick
Today’s device: Alliteration
This limerick is for my college life and friends.
A wonderful walk began alone
Then, you never let me forlorn
Lots of furore
Four years galore
Those days can’t be gone!

Writing 201: Trust

Today’s word is trust: write a poem in which you address, reflect on, or tell a story about the feeling of trusting or being trusted by another (person, animal, object, potted plant…). Or about distrusting them (or not being trusted yourself).
Today’s form: Acrostic
Today’s device: Internal Rhyme

Subtly, as I lay, you crossed my way
Under the sun you were a chum
Jumped into the ocean of persuasion
It took some time for us to chime
Take my confidence don’t let it rust, for me you are trust.

Blogging 101: Introduce yourself

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.
Either you do it or you don’t! There’s no try.

I am Ritika Khanna. By my degree and profession, I am an engineer. However, I have a special inclination towards writing and words. I think a lot. There is, perhaps, no end to my thinking. I was inspired by a friend of mine to begin blogging. He began blogging; I read his posts and got motivated for myself.

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts with certain elements added from my imagination. I always try to see manifestations of my thoughts. These manifestations fuel my blog. I haven’t been a regular blogger until recently when I came through the Daily Post where I found Daily Prompts. Engrossed into the peeves of daily life, I needed this push to establish myself as a regular writer. I hope I can grow.

I am a cheerful, affable girl who can gel with people easily. I am genuinely interested in knowing people. A nefelibata, I don’t follow the conventions set by the society. I have legions of wishes I aspire to fulfill in this life.

I have copied this portion from my About Section. I am here to express myself! I aspire to improve and grow by the knowledge of the world. The concept of learning from others has always captured my imagination. What amazes me the most is our ability to learn by pooling the knowledge and resources all over the world, via the WWW. I could maintain a personal journal also, but until there is an obligation, I never work. All my peers here are a source of motivation to me.

I like to write about the things that happen in our lives, things that tend to affect us: friends, people, conscience, the different phases of our lives and all that comes to my mind. Presumably, I can converge to something one day. I have owned a blog page for the past two and a half years, but it is only now that I have decided to write regularly.

I hope I can become a part of this larger community by writing regularly. I have always loved to have people and friends in my life. If Blogging 101 can give me a few friends with whom I can connect beyond this platform, I will consider my task done. I aspire to have read several books and have at least 1000 followers if I am able to blog successfully for the next year. I also wish to try different styles of writing over the next year. Later in my life, I want to have several books to my credit. As of now, I am garnering more and more ideas.

The adage written above is for nobody except for me. Initially, I thought I couldn’t find topics and issues to write on, given it took me some time to think about the appropriate topics. I found Daily Prompts on the Daily Post and thought my trouble had come to an end. Then, I registered for Blogging 101 and Writing 101 courses held in September this year. I couldn’t even complete those courses. I realise, the issue with me isn’t the ability to think what to write on, it is the lack of determination to write.

I had written this introductory post for the last Blogging 101 course. But, for this course, my aim is to prove myself to me. I am here to write daily, at least for this one month. I wrote this publicly because, I think, if you want to achieve something, tell the people around you about it. There are few assignments that I had completed in the last course. I will always edit them a bit before putting them again. (The first two assignments are the same).