The lines you whispered in my ears

Daily prompt Whisper

Napping, we were walking on our roads
Enroute to end, our roads crossed
Engrossed in my world, I was singing a song
Little efforts in, you understood my incomplete song
The lines you, hence, whispered in my ears
Entered my world, took away my fears
Jubilant and happy, we got along and sing our crazy song


With this piece, I have attempted an acrostic.


Writing 201: Future

Let’s keep our spirits up by focusing on whatever it is that’s coming next. Whether it’s about tomorrow, next October, or the year 2345, let today’s poem be inspired by your vision of the future.
Today’s form: Sonnet
Today’s device: Chiasmus


I stand on a crossroad
Confused, which way to go!
The goal I set my eyes on
On Earth, it’s heaven’s abode

Mansion, mercs chauffeur driven
Peace and smile all around
Happiness that knows no bound
World tours all taken

Respect for all beings
With no selfish means
Love what you do and do what you love

Come what may
I’ll work hard until the day
I rise and I shine and I shine and I rise!

Writing 201: Heroine

Whether it’s a hero or a heroine, your poem today should focus on a person with an outsized personality — someone who makes a splash (or a mess) whenever he or she crosses others’ path. A parent, a teacher, a writer, Batman: we all know someone heroic, whether in real life or in fiction. Of course, if you’re feeling less laudatory today, feel free to turn things around by writing about an antihero or a villain.

Today’s form : Ballad
Today’s device: Anaphora and Epistrophe
I came across a girl with brown eyes
The girl full of life
Caring for her friends
A beautiful girl I came across

I came across a girl with fair skin
The girl who lifted her brow
Blinked her eyes, twitched her lips
A silly girl I came across

I came across a girl with frizzy hair
The girl who said in a serious tone
And cracked a lame joke
A friendly girl I came across!

Writing 201: Journey

Today’s word prompt is journey. Write a poem about anything that word evokes for you, from the excitement of a trip you’re about to embark on; the mental progress you witnessed someone make; or the struggles, pleasures, and extreme emotions that travel can bring about.

Today’s form: limerick
Today’s device: Alliteration
This limerick is for my college life and friends.
A wonderful walk began alone
Then, you never let me forlorn
Lots of furore
Four years galore
Those days can’t be gone!

Writing 201: Trust

Today’s word is trust: write a poem in which you address, reflect on, or tell a story about the feeling of trusting or being trusted by another (person, animal, object, potted plant…). Or about distrusting them (or not being trusted yourself).
Today’s form: Acrostic
Today’s device: Internal Rhyme

Subtly, as I lay, you crossed my way
Under the sun you were a chum
Jumped into the ocean of persuasion
It took some time for us to chime
Take my confidence don’t let it rust, for me you are trust.

The end of the summer!

Today, the fifteenth of May

We look happy and gay

Got up with a smile on my face

This day has a lot of grace

Getting ready for school to be on time

What is the reason for this chime?

Excited, we get into the school van

Inside bag kept lays and a coke can

I hear the squeaks of my friends

It isn’t really the trend.

Chitter-chatter whole day

Won’t let the teacher say

Games, movies, music on the front

No books for the next month

We all look happy and gay

For fifteenth of May is the ‘fun day’.

Here comes the summer holiday.


Pending homework and less days

I want to enjoy for few more days

Can’t the holidays extend for seven more days?

I will see my friends after a time

The people, those are prime

Why did I write this rhyme?


22 today I got a job

Now I am a part of the mob

No monsoon, No summer

No autumn, No winter

Life full of work

At other’s misfortune, people smirk

Oh, the wheel of time!

Can’t we chime?

Thou supremacy I admire

I liked the childish quagmire

We really don’t look happy and gay

For the fifteenth of May isn’t the ‘Fun Day’

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