Photography 101: Treasure


I treasure these magnet smileys a lot. We have put them on the refrigerator. Sometimes, when I am distressed these smileys remind me how important it is to smile in life. A smile or even an effort to smile helps a lot to navigate through the difficult situations in life.

Photography 101: Landscape

Clouds encroaching the Mountains

Clouds encroaching the Mountains

Land of the Fairies

Land of the Fairies

Land of the Fairies

Land of the Fairies





Photography 101: Triumph

Life gives us a number of reasons to be happy, everyday. There are big reasons and there are small reasons. There are people who celebrate bigger successes in life. I celebrate even the smallest of my achievements, no matter how trivial they might seem to everybody else around. By celebration, I mean I rejoice in every moment in which I get a sense of accomplishment. Those moments may be as small as meeting my deadlines, achieving my daily goal of drinking a particular amount of water, exercising and everything else. One of such triumph moments for me was today in the morning, when I got up 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled time. Although I am an early bird and like to witness the early morning sky, for many days now I haven’t been able to do so. Here are the pictures of today’s beautiful early morning sky.