Cherish this Moment!

Blogging 101: Dream Reader
Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

I have always felt strongly for 3 things in life. I surmise, those 3 things will define my target audience even.
1. Life is cruel. It isn’t a bed of roses. Having entered my twenties, I have come to realize and understand several things in life. Man has always wanted what he hath not. As adults, we tend to miss our childhood days. When we were kids, we were eager to grow up. When I think of my childhood days, amidst several things, the most prominent thing I remember is my desire to grow up and be a big girl. Several things in my life are reminiscent of the olden days- my school and college days, happy days. At times, I grow nostalgic. Most of us keep on cribbing about certain mistake or event from the past or keep on worrying about the future. I would quote the percentage of such people to be 99.999%.
We keep on reading famous quotes of the greatest philosophers of all times. Usually, our tendency is to ignore those. Lately, I have come to believe there’s no point reinventing the wheel. To some extent I have started paying heed to what those people had said. It occurred to me that spending my life learning from my mistakes and establishing the same truth as has already been done by the great philosophers won’t do much justice to my efforts. What’s best is that we believe them and shape ourselves accordingly. Dollars to dumplings, the best way to defeat the cruelty that life metes out on us is to live life happily in the present moment. As clichéd as it may sound, it is, still, a mystical formula.
The beauty of the present moment is infinite. It gives you the time, strength and the path you must tread on for a coveted life. The present moment arouses in you the desire and imparts the energy to achieve it. As we, humans, become cognizant of this fact and begin appreciating it, we take a step further. I don’t speak through my hat; I have felt it for some time now.
This post of mine is aimed at reaching all those people who admire the present moment and those who are struggling with it. We need to learn from our mistakes of the past and keep the future in mind, but not let these things devour our present.
Yesterday was history,
Tomorrow is mystery
Today is a gift
That’s why it is called ‘Present’
Most of what I have written above is something most of you must have read somewhere or the other. I have interspersed it with my words. The pattern is sporadic. That’s because I am too young to comment on life. I stand on the shoulders of the giants and my understanding of them and their thoughts.

I began by saying three things, but as I reach the end of the first one, I can discern several things and I want to add these to my list. I have taken those things down. Presumably, this isn’t the right space to write about the remaining things. Thanks to the Blogging 101 team for sparking off this line of thought. As and when I feel it is appropriate, I will use words to express my thoughts.


Blogging 101: Say Your Name

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

Seems like after this course Blogging 101, my blog page will offer a better sight to my viewers!
I updated my tagline only a month ago- Delving into the colours of life. However, I will take the opportunity to update my title- The Cloud-Walker!

Title: The Cloud- Walker
I am a cloud walker in all the aspects you can think about one. I want to fly among the clouds, like birds, fly high, higher, till the highest point! But yes, I know that finally I must rest in my nest and stay at the ground, to which I belong. I want to experience the infinite freedom, as vast as the expanse of the sky- the freedom that the soul can feel and not the freedom given to us by our respective constitutions! Forgive me if this line is an off for you, one, that I am not a native English speaker, and two, I just penned down my emotions as they came to my mind. Sometimes, I want to belong to the sky- be amongst the various creatures that the clouds can take the shape of, whilst at other times I just love the life I have been granted!

Tagline: Delving into the colours of life
I mostly write about the lessons life beteems us- the good, the bad, the highs, the lows, the happier moments, the insipid ones et al. I try to take things figuratively. Sometimes, this proves to be advantageous, whilst, at other times, I end up burdening my head. But, whatever might be the situtaion, I firmly believe, “Every cloud has a silver lining”.
Someday in the future I might change my tag line, as I evolve. I believe only those things can survive that can evolve with time and that don’t refuse to change.

In a day or two, I will catch up with Writing 101 also! Again excuse me for being late.
I will change the title and the accompanying pictures in few days.

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

I am Ritika Khanna. By my degree and profession, I am an engineer. However, I have a special inclination towards writing and words. I think a lot. There is, perhaps, no end to my thinking. I was inspired by a friend of mine to begin blogging. He began blogging; I read his posts and got motivated for myself.
My blog is a reflection of my thoughts with certain elements added from my imagination. I always try to see the manifestations of my thoughts. These manifestations fuel my blog. I haven’t been a regular blogger until recently when I came through the Daily Post where I found the Daily Prompts. Engrossed into the peeves of daily life, I needed this push to establish myself as a regular writer. I hope I can grow.
I am a cheerful, affable girl who can gel with people easily. I am genuinely interested in knowing people. A nefelibata, I don’t follow the conventions set by the society. I have legions of wishes I aspire to fulfill in this life.
I have copied this portion from my About Section. I am here to express myself! I aspire to improve and grow by the knowledge of the world. The concept of learning from others has always captured my imagination. What amazes me the most is our ability to learn by pooling the knowledge and resources all over the world, via the WWW. I could maintain a personal journal also, but until there is an obligation, I never work. All my peers here are a source of motivation to me.
I like to write about the things that happen in our lives, things that tend to affect us: friends, people, conscience, the different phases of our lives and all that comes to my mind. Presumably, I can converge to something one day. I have owned a blog page for the past two years. But it is only now that I have decided to write regularly.
I hope I can become a part of this larger community by writing regularly. I have always loved to have people and friends in my life. If Blogging 101 can give me few friends with whom I can connect beyond this platform, I will consider my task done. I aspire to have read several books and have at least 1000 followers if I am able to blog successfully for the next year. I also wish to try different styles of writing over the next year. Later in my life, I want to have several books to my credit. As of now, I am garnering more and more ideas.

I know I am late by a day, please excuse me for this.