Hey there!

*** Pre-script: I just completed my M.B.A. and now I have the ability confuse people better with my blog posts 🙂 ***

I am Ritika Khanna. By my degree and profession, I am an engineer. However, I have a special inclination towards writing and words. I have always aspired to become so proficient in vocabulary so that I always have a right word for every situation. I think a lot. There is, perhaps, no end to my thinking. I was inspired by a friend of mine to begin blogging. He began blogging, I read his posts and got motivated for myself.

My blog is a reflection of my thoughts with certain elements added from my imagination. I always try to see the manifestations of my thoughts. These manifestations fuel my blog.

I don’t to like to judge people based on a single deed or action. A nefelibata, I don’t follow the conventions set by the society. I don’t want to be governed by money or any artificial restraints that humanity has imposed on itself. I like to be infinite. I want to follow my heart and not get bocked down by the trials and tribulations of life.

I have legions of wishes I aspire to fulfil in this life. One of them is making some good friends here with whom I can connect even beyond this platform.

I want to take a little time describing how my blog is organised and I believe this page is the best platform. Thoughts can be expressed via different media such as articles, poems, pictures, little incidents, and others. I have tried to use the best of these tools to express myself here.

Home- The home page has all the posts in the chronological order.These posts are classified into different categories as Poetry, Photography Attempts, Quotes and other based on the medium of expression.

Poetry- The name’s self- explaining; this page has my poems. I post various forms of poems along with various devices.

Photography Attempts-Sometimes, a picture says it all. Few scenes here and there evoke my emotions and feelings and sadly, I am unable to express all of them in words. For all such scenes, I click pictures and post here.

Quotes- Sometimes, few words arranged well in a line or two say so much. Or maybe I feel so. Here, I share those quotes and anecdotes. This page has quotes from my reading, be it books or online blogs. Sharing is caring. Occasionally, you may also see me blabbering on those quotes, if I happen to relate too much with them. Bear with me.

Incidents that Matter- These are just incidents that happen in day to day life and I find them worth sharing

Posts- Well, these are plain articles!

I might add new categories as and when need arises, though I think I have added all the categories already.

Happy Reading!
Ritika Khanna

5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

    • khanna246 says:

      Hi Davis
      I just have views. Don’t know whether they are insightful or confusing. I just graduated from college. My views are mostly without experience. Thanks for sparing time and such a wonderful comment 🙂
      Ritika Khanna

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