I define love thus: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.

Love is not effortless. To the contrary, love is effortful.

–From ‘The Road Less Travelled’ by M. Scott Peck

Both these quotes say one of the biggest truths.We all have always dreamt of being in love. Love looks like a seredipitous phenomenon- you have somebody to understand you, listen to you and care for you. Seldom do we realize that love is that one thing that requires the maximum investment. The care and understanding that we all expect must be given as well. Love is action- oriented. It involves the growth of two people. It becomes even more important in present times. Relationships are failing at an alarmingly high rate.

People today are moving towards conscious love. People want to be in relationships where both the partners are committed to growth- individual growth,  collective growth and the growth that makes the world better. This growth requires efforts. Love might just happen, but it won’t be able to sustain itself. To most of us, love looks like a destination, whereas it is a practice that must be practised day in and day out.

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  1. Pranjal Chandrakar says:

    I personally don’t see love as an investment, because an investment is done with the intention of getting something in return. An investment always “expects” “returns”. It is a contract. I give you something and seek something in return from you. Eventually, those expectations never get fulfilled, because expectations are endless. I personally feel, this is the main reason relationships don’t last these days. We should stop treating love as an investment. Our parents never expected anything in return from us when we were born. They loved us for nothing. That kind of attitude is missing in today’s relationships. I completely agree with you that love requires a lot of effort, but those efforts are selfless.
    To me, only unconditional love is a true love. The one where you don’t seek anything in return. You forsake all expectations. You love the other for the sake of love only. My idea of love is not an investment, because an investment can never lead you to spiritual growth. Spirituality is all about letting go all of your desires. An investment is done with the desire of getting more.

    • Ritika says:

      Hi Pranjal,

      My idea behind saying that love requires investment is that love requires that efforts be made by the parties involved in a relationship. Certainly, love is and should be unconditional. One must not expect anything out of a relationship. But to sustain it, we have to try genuinely. In that sense, you invest yourself into a relationship.

      Thank you for sparing your time for reading this post and a wonderful comment.

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