Blogging 101: Your Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

I want to dedicate this post to those people who are struggling to keep up with their lives and invite those people who have managed to fructify their lives and have been able to live it happily, to help others.

‘Life isn’t a bed of roses.’ I have read this quote and several others like it innumerable times. I have heard it from people. This quote poses several questions in my mind. From where does the idea of comparing life to a bed of roses come? Roses have thorns. Does this statement take into consideration those thorns? Wouldn’t it be better if we put forth a simpler and a straightforward statement like, ‘Life is cruel!’ At least, such a statement doesn’t arouse any false hope that a bed of roses does!

Life is difficult. It changes within seconds. A single incident has the potentiality to ruin your preparation of years.

I had been preparing for college entrance exams for a year and a half. Six months before the exam, something happened and I lost my track. I wouldn’t delve into the details of that incident. But, it showed me how cruel life could get sometimes. It deserts you. I couldn’t come to terms with what had happened and I kept on thinking about the past, imaging what my life would have been had that incident not happened, and crying over the present. That was exactly five years ago. Although I graduated from a good college, I couldn’t fulfil my aspiration of getting into the college I had coveted so much.

Then, I failed to be courageous enough to deal with my life. Had I mustered the courage to face that challenge, my life would have been better. It isn’t bad now. It’s good! It isn’t probably the best, but it is still worth living it happily and taking risks. Presumably, that’s because now I know that I am the only person responsible for my life. Then, I was dealing with what had happened. I wasn’t dealing actually, I was just crying. Today, I can regret for having cried then and tomorrow, I can crib for having wasted my time for something that had happened five years ago. This vicious circle can go on, forever. Fortunately, I came out of it early.

What I am trying to say is cribbing about what happens in life can ruin your future. Cribbing is next to smoking. The sooner you leave it, the merrier. No matter what life does to you, one must never lose control on oneself and think through their head and heart. A pre-requisite step to it is coming to terms with your life. The realization that life is cruel further eases the pain that life inflicts on us. You never know what challenge is imminent.


Thank you Michelle for this assignment. This post has inspired several other thoughts on life in my mind. I would like to share those thoughts.
P.S.: Please feel free to correct me and provide your suggestions if you disagree or wish to add something.


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