Buyers, Have it!

The year is 2214, and your computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. Write a note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Daily Post

Hey there!

So you are the specie of the future, a distant future as our generation would have called it. As a kid, we always read what our future –self would be like!

So you exist! If you are holding this in your hand, believe me, you are holding one of the much coveted thing of our times- the digital times. How much we loved this small black box! I surmise even this must be big for you. Your generation must be far far ahead than ours in terms of technology. You must have progressed to insurmountable limits, at least, going by our standards- the way we people fought, with literally everything- other people and even our own selves, and got indulged in insignificant things.

If you go through the contents of it, you will probably know our times. You will find in it a few songs, not literally a few, but few compared to what most people around me had! You will find several gigabytes of pictures, mostly from my college. You will get to see my friends, the buildings we had, the trees and the nature, in general. Few of my pictures are hilarious. My room-mate clicked those when I was in the college hostel. I never showed them to anybody. But, you get to see them now. I hope you will think of me before you show them to your friends.

Besides, you get a store of movies- Hindi and English, mostly. Although I didn’t watch many, I liked to maintain a collection. Also, you get the set-ups of many soft-wares, some with the keys even! That’s not all! I also had some stuff you might not like. There are e-books, mostly related to our course and a few novels, documents and pdfs that I referred to while studying and some presentations.

I hope, at least some of what I have helps you. If you also have those history books where they teach you about the past, believe me, this is the practical knowledge of our times! For us, few of the animals were the species that were extinct. For you, the supreme form of life of our times has disappeared. Hope you have a wonderful time viewing this and otherwise!

Your kin from two centuries ago!
Ritika Khanna


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