Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.
Keep typing (or scribbling, if you prefer to handwrite for this exercise) until your twenty minutes are up. It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “Publish” button.

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

Okay, so by the clock it is 48 minutes in the morning. I have got to write till 1:08 am. I am late by 5 days. My inability to write on time defeats the very purpose of this course which is to write regularly and daily. I think I have taken this course as another engineering course. Poor thing! You know what; whatever you do in life comes back to you. Probably, you can explain this by using the theory Rhonda Byrne has used in her book, ‘The Secret’. She says when you do something; you send a frequency out in the universe. Since Newton says, ‘every action has equal and opposite reaction’. So we get a frequency similar to the frequency we send out into the universe. If you think well, good happens. I am awestruck by science and its ability to explain everything. But there are several other things that Science can’t explain. I guess it has got to evolve. It taught us the evolution of living species, but, it is yet to evolve itself. You know why I am unable to write regularly? It is not because I don’t like writing. It has got to do with time. I work for 9 hours a day! Every Indian works! And then we are all so exhausted to do anything after that. It devours the entire day. I guess, we will have to work harder to gain stamina so as so to be able to pursue our interests on a daily basis and stop procrastinating them till the weekend. Moreover, we also need to become efficient enough to be able to do our work with quality in lesser time. This will give us more time to pursue our interests. Finding time for your interests is a quintessential life. Follow your interests and passions till the infinite limit of craziness. Unless and until you have something to be crazy for in your life, your life isn’t worth living at all. Believe me on this. During my college, I lived a life wherein I didn’t pursue my interests. Ask me what a piece of shit it was! But now, that I have started following my interests; I want to live more of it. Although I have a long life pending in front of me! Sometimes the thought of my life coming to an end and a visualization of an older me scares me. It’s so great to be young- to have energy to do whatever you want to do in your life. Why does the wheel of time move? Why can’t we stay just where we are? It’s so good. Okay, I am going all blank. I don’t know why! There are 6 more minutes left. But, I am not going to publish this post now. There are a lot of typing errors. Probably, in the morning, when I wake up with a fresh mind, I am going to correct the typing errors first and then publish this piece, which I find isn’t worth publishing. But my life in college wasn’t that shitty. It was good! I have several memories of my friends. We really had a great time in hostel. I miss hostel badly. I believe, once in life time, everyone must go to the hostel. It’s absolute fun. I have written another blog on life in hostel. It’s titled ‘Time for saying goodbye’. The URL for it is https://khannar.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/time-for-saying-goodbye/. Don’t worry I didn’t waste time from 20 minutes to copy and paste the URL. I will do that once the clock strikes 1:08 am. So my friends, I hope you can bear this piece from my side. This is my first writing for Writing 101.


4 thoughts on “Writing 101: Unlock the Mind

  1. vakunzmann says:

    I think stream of consciousness is okay to post. However, I only posted one because it was a writing assignment!
    Since you did take the time to correct the typos and such, it would have been a little easier to follow had you broken up your one big paragraph into smaller chunks. I do like peering into other writers’ stream of consciousness, so thank you for sharing.

    • khanna246 says:

      Hi Victoria
      Even I realized during this assignment what a task it is to jot down your thoughts. True, I couldn’t draw boundaries to paragraph my thoughts! The stream of consciousness was indeed muddled up. I will definitely take care next time.
      Thanks for a true feedback and for sparing time Victoria 🙂

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