Blogging 101: Say Your Name

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

Seems like after this course Blogging 101, my blog page will offer a better sight to my viewers!
I updated my tagline only a month ago- Delving into the colours of life. However, I will take the opportunity to update my title- The Cloud-Walker!

Title: The Cloud- Walker
I am a cloud walker in all the aspects you can think about one. I want to fly among the clouds, like birds, fly high, higher, till the highest point! But yes, I know that finally I must rest in my nest and stay at the ground, to which I belong. I want to experience the infinite freedom, as vast as the expanse of the sky- the freedom that the soul can feel and not the freedom given to us by our respective constitutions! Forgive me if this line is an off for you, one, that I am not a native English speaker, and two, I just penned down my emotions as they came to my mind. Sometimes, I want to belong to the sky- be amongst the various creatures that the clouds can take the shape of, whilst at other times I just love the life I have been granted!

Tagline: Delving into the colours of life
I mostly write about the lessons life beteems us- the good, the bad, the highs, the lows, the happier moments, the insipid ones et al. I try to take things figuratively. Sometimes, this proves to be advantageous, whilst, at other times, I end up burdening my head. But, whatever might be the situtaion, I firmly believe, “Every cloud has a silver lining”.
Someday in the future I might change my tag line, as I evolve. I believe only those things can survive that can evolve with time and that don’t refuse to change.

In a day or two, I will catch up with Writing 101 also! Again excuse me for being late.
I will change the title and the accompanying pictures in few days.


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