Locked and Sealed

Can you keep a secret? Have you ever — intentionally or not — spilled the beans (when you should’ve stayed quiet)?

That was in the 1990s, say 1997 or 1988. I wasn’t even 10. We were approaching the new millennium. We were enthralled for the new millennium more than anybody else- me and my siblings. We had been gathering money for the few years of our lives, which we had been living. We are three. Every year we went- to our aunts and uncles, our paternal and maternal grandparents- we were given money and gifts. This is usually the tradition in India- bestowing gifts and money on small children. I don’t know if the rest of the world follows this too. You can probably tell me about this in the comments section.
We had bigger plans, only my sister. We being younger to her had to succumb to hers- we weren’t given any choice of our own. You know how the elders bully their younger siblings. Well, we have been subjected to a lot of bullying by our sister and if she reads this post, believe me, today will be ‘The Day’.
So here goes the plan.

One, two and three
Ready in full spree

Three kids go to their uncle
Bestowed with money and sweets’ bundle

In the mind of the eldest, strikes a plan
Probably nobody thought of in their clan

Eager to share it with her siblings
Toffees, Ice cream, a time ripping
All she left them was cribbing

We need to save the money we earned
Discard the things that were yearned

What? Why will we do with that?
She had said herself in a tone so flat!

After many pleadings, she explained her intent to us. The idea was to save money till the new millennium and give it to our parents. So throwing herself body and soul into it, she convinced us. And this was supposed to be a surprise-God knows for what!
One fine evening, I was sitting with my dad and I narrated our entire plans to him. Again I don’t know, why?
Well I spilled the beans only to dissatisfy my sister and make her believe that I was a stupid unreliable chap. I don’t remember what we did with that money. All I remember is on the New Year’s Eve, when the new millennium was round the corner, I was sitting in my dad’s lap and all of us were watching some movie.


2 thoughts on “Locked and Sealed

  1. davnish says:

    :)) nice it’s always a very quality time you spend with your parent n bro n sis … There should be a time machine to relive those moments

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