Nightmare Job

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

The college had gotten over in May. There were some holidays before the beginning of the new job, rather the first job. In the evening, I was standing on the terrace and gazing at the blue sky and the skyscrapers that obstructed my view of it. It was one of those introspective days. I could hear some voice…
“So, what do you think you are going to do now?”
“Now I am standing on the terrace. I will go down after this and greet my dad and my sister when they come.”
It was the evening time.
“Now means in your life, not the present day. Let me rephrase. Now that your college is over, what are you going to do?”
“Oops! What now? I have a job. Few days left in joining. I will shift to Mumbai and begin working.”
“I thought you wanted to stay here.”
“Yes, I do. Even now.”
“Try hunting for another job here.”
“Yeah I have uploaded my resume at websites, let us see who calls!”
“But what do you want to do in life?”
“What kind?”
“Any kind that rewards my graduation and gives me a happy life.”
“There are umpteen jobs in the world. Why don’t you be a gardener or a potter? You can have a living here.”
“You know it well I am unskilled for these jobs.”
“Try pulling rickshaws, driving autos round the city!”
“For that there was no need for me to graduate. I could have done that even without completing my school. Will you stop this non sense? Why would I study if all I had to do was pulling rickshaws? I will work in the corporate world, which will reward me enough for my efforts.”
“There are a number of other sectors that will reward your efforts.”
“As in?”
“Get through some government job. Study hard and relax later on.”
“No, the government sector is sluggish. The most stagnant sectors of all!”
“Join some political party.”
I could already see the smirk ion its face.
“Sit at home and relax. No effort, still you get a lot of luxury. Soon your parents will marry you.”
“And I will be at the mercy of a guy! The guy who will try to establish his hegemony on me and the entire house. No ways!”
“Ah! Now we are into it. But, why? I mean, what happened?”
“No, I didn’t study only to be dependent on somebody else. And not a guy at least!”
“Consider spending your life with a girl in that case.”
“Wwwhat? Insane? Out of senses? Should we consult some psychiatrist?” I felt smothered.
“Really? Can you take me to one?”
“Alright! But the point is I don’t want to be at the disposal of a man. Everything else is acceptable.”
“What is the problem?”
“The issue is most men, even today, think they are superior. Yes, they do! No matter how much we boast of our development, we are still in a patriarchal society. I mean we are still not a free society. All I can’t dream of is accepting that. Men think they are more tech-savvy, knowledgeable in all the domains. If I am at home and stay aloof from the outer world, this will promote the thinking of the guy I am with! What they don’t understand is this is a matter of interest of the individual. Not that girls have different incapable genes. Doing a job that makes me inferior to a guy, not because of his abilities but because of his gender, is something I can’t imagine myself doing.”
“Okay. I get a hang….”
“Well, my dad is here. I think I must go now.” I interrupted.


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