Mirror! Cracked?

If there were no mirrors, I think, the immediate consequence would be that we won’t be able to see how we look, everyday, once we are ready for school, college or office. Well that would be good in one way- people spend myriad time in dressing themselves and owning satisfaction when it comes to their looks. The most affected people will be the ones who need to fard up before going out. But doesn’t your presentation of yourself create the first impression? But then, I think when nobody would own a mirror or get to see them in the mirror, this parameter of judging people would hold no significance.
However, the absence of mirrors would do more harm than good. You won’t be able to see the person you must see the most.
You won’t be able to meet the best person in this world. Since ages, pictures have served more purpose to mankind than mere words or memories. You need to see yourself to remember the good deeds that you did in the past. People often need to see the face and in the eyes of the person they are confronting. Same holds true for one’s own self. There are times when one needs to introspect. When one is going through such grueling phases of life, one really needs to look in one’s eyes and introspect. In the absence of mirrors, this task seems impossible. In my opinion, confronting ourselves is the most essential task. The only person that man fears is his own self. Once you can’t see the person you fear, there is a great chance that one might be heading in the wrong direction. Is there anything else where you can see your reflection? Water? Even if it does, do we have as many water resources now?
Every coin has two sides. Mirrors have their own pros and cons. Somehow, I think the pros outweigh the cons.


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