Pains and Gains

Well, I really like this topic. There is no reason for me for not doing this. This is because I believe in GOD. Hailing from a Hindu family I have been brought up and made to believe in the existence of GOD. With that I have also come to follow the adage, “GOD helps those who help themselves.” A simpler version of this says that if you have the audacity to take pains, GOD will bestow kindness on you. That is all you need. Antithetical to this, if you aren’t ready to take pains, there will be no gains.

Understanding the logic behind this is no rocket science. It’s pretty easy to decipher. For every effort you put in, a wiser ‘YOU’ comes out. For it is the experience of your effort that you put in that takes you to the next level. Whether you succeed or fail, you definitely gain for the taken pain. You have to work to earn money. You have to exercise to have a healthy body. Edison couldn’t have invented the bulb had he not gone through the pain of a thousand failures. I am not quoting mere examples; my own life is based on this.

Why did I drag GOD into this and the fact that I am a Hindu? Being a Hindu makes me believe in GOD. We have millions of forms by which we have known GOD. GOD has always been believed to be somebody who does justice. So just in case you dare to take some pains, you are bound to gain. No pains, no gains. No pains, no gains.


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