The end of the summer!

Today, the fifteenth of May

We look happy and gay

Got up with a smile on my face

This day has a lot of grace

Getting ready for school to be on time

What is the reason for this chime?

Excited, we get into the school van

Inside bag kept lays and a coke can

I hear the squeaks of my friends

It isn’t really the trend.

Chitter-chatter whole day

Won’t let the teacher say

Games, movies, music on the front

No books for the next month

We all look happy and gay

For fifteenth of May is the ‘fun day’.

Here comes the summer holiday.


Pending homework and less days

I want to enjoy for few more days

Can’t the holidays extend for seven more days?

I will see my friends after a time

The people, those are prime

Why did I write this rhyme?


22 today I got a job

Now I am a part of the mob

No monsoon, No summer

No autumn, No winter

Life full of work

At other’s misfortune, people smirk

Oh, the wheel of time!

Can’t we chime?

Thou supremacy I admire

I liked the childish quagmire

We really don’t look happy and gay

For the fifteenth of May isn’t the ‘Fun Day’

The Daily Post


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