The Bot that did my lot

A man from an alien land gave me a bot

told me the bot could do my lot

An engineer by profession, I added to the bot

tested it, if it really did my lot!

It did my chores all day and night

I was relieved, I owe to its might

Days passed, life was heaven

in front of my family, I would brazen

Gargantuan time, I went to play my game

Came back full of shame

Had lost the agility that I had got

finally, the bot did my lot.


2 thoughts on “The Bot that did my lot

    • khanna246 says:

      Hey Susieshy45
      Very well said, a robot can take over our lives only to make us redundant. It’s the best that we do our own tasks. Thanks for your wonderful comment and for taking out time 🙂

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