Lending my ears to the tune of…

Yaaroen dosti badi hi haseen hai, ye na ho toh kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai…
I had an opportunity to render my ears to this song this evening. Luckily enough, the daily prompt was on the same topic.

This Hindi song talks about friendship describing it as the most beautiful element of life, without which life is incomplete.
I have been privileged enough to have several good friends. Few shared the instances of their life with me; I shared the topsy- turviness of my life with others. A host of friends- we would laugh incessantly sitting on the last bench of the class- both in school and during graduation. When we were together, we were always stupefied. In particular, I can recall one incident.

While I was in school, I was working on a science project with two friends of mine. After a long tiring day, one of my friends said, “I am about to collapse”. God alone knows what my state of mind was then; instead of gathering his remark figuratively, I imagined him being succumbed to detritus. I began staring at the aglet of his lace as if the center of mass of the debris coincided with it. When I narrated this to him, we both burst out into laughter. That was a hearty one.


This is the icing on the cake- one, that your friends help you when you need, second, you can be as stupid as you want to be in front of them without fearing a tarnished image. Be stupid, be intelligent, be a peeve, be a supporter, laugh, cry, share with them. You could tell them about a sweet guy you have a crush on, and bitch about his girlfriend at the same time.

As the song says- “ye na ho toh kya fir bolo ye zindagi hai…”

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2 thoughts on “Lending my ears to the tune of…

  1. Cheryl M Ledwidge says:

    We are so blessed in this life for having friends. Your story reminded me of when me and some fellow teammates stayed up all night giving each other our speeches before a competition. By the end of the night, we all knew too much information about spiderwebs, potatoes, and killer toys.

    • khanna246 says:

      Hey Cheryl
      Friends are what make our life beautiful, as significant as our family. The best part is you don’t have to act smart always in front of your friends. Stupidity is more than welcomed. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your memory and sparing your time, Cheryl! The flashback can bring tears.

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