The Optimism in the Epoch

What a treat it was, to read the newspaper on the New Years Eve! No, I am not a Delhite whose parents should be celebrating the recent price cuts in water and power. I am, indeed, a close neighbor about to cast my vote in the upcoming state polls, with the state government having announced a ₹200 relief in the power bills, and the icing on the cake, there shall be no price hike in power rates this year!

Well, first of all, a happy and hopefully a warm New Year to all of us. May each of us prosper and fulfill our resolutions.

I believe, we are on a crossroad. 28th December 2013, marked a milestone in our history. We led to the swearing in of a Chief Minister, who is one amongst us. Last time I remember a Chief Minister travel in an auto was in the movie ‘Nayak’, and it took us more than a decade to see it again.

Hitherto, we have seen our governments sojourn development sine die, in all domains, by their sordid means. Given their impecuniousness, they couldn’t deliver on, to us, what was rightfully ours. But with this day marked as an epoch in the Indian History, I conjecture, many of us might start having a good time. Delhites should be on cloud nine. The Jan Lokpal Bill has been passed and set for implementation. I think, it is the time, everybody of us, people on the roads, homeless, and people striving for a square meal, should have a fair share of the pie.

I do not doubt Arvind Kejriwal’s agenda and his intentions on delivering upon them (so much is my respect for this man, I refuse to call him a POLITICIAN), but let’s believe, the Congress and the Bhartiya Janta Party are observing every single move of his, through a microscope. So even if he might skip on anything, they will ensure he doesn’t. Just because they couldn’t make through the elections, they will throw themselves body and souls into criticizing him, wherever he fails. The immediate beneficiary of these altercations will be the public.

People have been acerbated by the nonchalant attitude of the sham, which are the BJP and the Congress, alike. However, I surmise this brobdingnagian monstrosity is heading for the doomsday. Arvind Kejriwal’s idiosyncratic ways will pave the way. The Congress can’t withdraw the support because that will paint its image as negative. The once abstruse systems are being replaced by the people friendly help lines. We will move out from the abjectness to witness the light of the day. The clichéd scams might elbow to surprisingly lower costs and state of the art infrastructure. We can’t get worse than this. Things are here to stay, with several ministers like Arvind Kejriwal and other such officers, suppressed by the shrewd politicians, if they unite under one common banner.


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