Share, Care and Live

While I was sitting in my Business Environment class, the teacher, all of a sudden, asked us, what is it that we understand by the term ‘SOCIETY’. Amidst the various responses, I particularly liked one. Somebody said, society means share, care and live. He set the horses of my mind racing.

The word share caught my attention the most. Presumably, care is not a virtue of the modern world and I wander if we are living or merely existing. Plausibly, sharing is something we all have learnt from our parents, and gradually forgotten even.

As kids, we were once ready to share everything; our pencils, erasers, colors, toffees et al. However, today when I sit amidst a class of engineers, we are not ready to share a piece of information with each other. They say little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Although today, we fear sharing our knowledge as a devil that has the potentiality to devour us. You might think that I am exaggerating, but believe me this is indeed thee scenario.

Today, coming out of those shackles, me and several of my friends from the Electronics and Communication Department of our college have taken an initiative. We have worked on a common platform, wherein we all can share our knowledge. We have created a blog–SOECE SPECTRUM.


The blog has several pages pertaining to latest gadgets, English proverbs and phrases, the life lessons, and a special page dedicated to our alumni. At the end is the link of our blog.

I hope our efforts yield the desired fruits. We are still evolving. There are many more additions to be done. Some of the pages I have mentioned are still to be added, many more that I haven’t mentioned here. Further many editions to be done. Its a long journey. However, we welcome any suggestions from our viewers. If there are some sections that we have missed out and you wish they were there, please feel free to contact us over there or pour in a comment here.



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