The Inner Joy

My internship timings are from 9 till 5.30. Usually, I am too tired to move an inch after that. But my mom’s expectations of me are behemothic. Actually, she is like every other parent. My job isn’t physically tiring, but yes mentally very exhausting.

Recently, for full 2 days, we returned back with utter failure. On the third day, something happened, and finally on Friday, things worked perfectly fine. The level of happiness and excitement we went through is inexplicable. When I returned back home that day, I worked continuously from 6.30 in the evening, till 12 at midnight.

Initially, I went to the doctor; shopped for groceries with my dad, watched television and then worked on my project report. When I went to sleep, I was startled for the stamina I had displayed that day. I analysed the reason for such courage. To much of my realisation, it was the inner joy, the peace I felt deep inside. It was the feeling of satisfaction of having accomplished something that had taken the hell out of me. I predicate that feeling was a source of encouragement for me. And it is this motivation that has given wonders to the world. Although, I didn’t do anything that hadn’t been achieved before, yet working from 9 in the morning, till 12, at midnight, I think that is unachievable, at least for me.

Perhaps, this motivation is required at all points in life, all 24 hours in a day. It is this motivation that keeps our life going on and on, the motivation to live despite the difficulties that we face every day; lest our lives be filled with disappointment, shatters, failures, et al.

There are high and low points in everybody’s life. No man is born to be happy all the 80 years of his life. Probably, even he wouldn’t be happy. You know the significance of sugar, only after you have had something bitter. Too much of sweetness doesn’t even soothe our tongues. In fact, it causes diabetes in the long run. Too much of laughter causes a stomach ache, although temporarily.


Struggle is what makes our lives beautiful. When there is no struggle, you are aimless. When you struggle, you are bound to loose, but do not worry, for when you become totally deserving, nature is bound to bestow its gifts upon you. Remember, how you have to be that convincing (and deserving in their eyes), so your parents may grant you a new phone or even a new dress.


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