My dad works in MSIL. He has been working there since 1983. And I have been to it colossal number of times, as a kid, on various occasions, celebrations, family days et al.

Maruti has been a second home to me- a larger one. Not that I know everybody there, for nobody can know several thousands all together, but it is still a family. And now I am an intern here. I get that very humble feeling even when I walk through a lonely road here.

I am an intern in the electronics lab here. Initially, I surmised it would be a tomfoolery, for what would I, as an electronics engineer; do in a primarily mechanical company. But, it was a hell typical task to strike through an internship in the lab, and working there has even more draconian rules.  I was given my project on the very third day. It was a big one, but thanks to the mentors, who dedicate themselves even to the interns. They take out proper time to help us, through our codes, hardware components, amongst other things.

But, somehow, I am in love with this place. The wide clean roads, a sense of discipline, everything at its place and everybody at their place. To maintain that discipline, they have even provided us with a shirt and cap. Maruti is like a dream place, where everything falls at the right place (based on my findings till now).

As I moved through the assembly shops, they are hell cleaner. Everything- the waste parts, the repaired parts, and even the empty bins are at their place. There is a strict discipline. You must wear your caps and shoes even while walking through the various shops. The weld shops have state of the art robots, although I am yet to see them. (I got their glimpse in a presentation). Automatic vehicles move throughout the assembly shops like people- they are ubiquitous. As an electronics engineer, that is just a dream that seems hard to achieve, right now.

And how much I love the food over there. There is a discipline even when you take the food. The ladles, dripped in vegetable and curd, must be placed in a plate, dedicated to it, so it is clean for the other person to use. We get snacks three times a day and they are all mouthwatering and the way my group thaws upon them, as if we have been hungry since ages. Probably, we people, of the engineering clan, have that quality in-built and pre-installed.

There is even a temple within the premises. Initially, it was incredible, but when I witnessed it, not only I was forced to believe in it, in fact, I fell in love with it in the very first place-surrounded  by trees, well trimmed herbs in paramount quantity.

And this is how my veneration for the place goes on and on. It has been a week since I have been there and I love every inch of it. MSIL is a city in itself and I guess every nation would want to be like that to be #1.


4 thoughts on “Mere DAD Ki MARUTI

  1. Imee says:

    it is good to know that some companies do take the pain of training interns…i like the pace of your writing,its quite soothing.

  2. Bharti Arora says:

    Babes… I must say… Dis is one of the finest blog i have ever read… Ny1 can easily decipher the level u have obtained in writing… Loved it.. Keep it up..

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