The 7 mornings of transformation..

I was leading a very comfortable life. I used to get up at 8 or 7.30 maximum, for a class at 8.30. Occasionally, if I would peep out from the balcony, I could see a few girls in the hostel premises fulfilling their morning regime of walking, jogging and exercising. Gazing around at the beautiful morning, I decided, once I get a placement, the very same day I would craft a morning routine for myself and implement it right from the next morning.

Then, I came across a blog post. The blogger had mentioned that the age group of 18-35 is the new happening age for all the threatening diseases- pertaining to lungs, heart and kidneys. Most people in this age group are suffering from hypertension and there is not even a snowflake’s chance in hell, that they know about it. It was a clear implication to me that unconsciously many of us are suffering and may be, even I am. And thus, the impending schedule had to be implemented immediately, considering the health freak I am.

I do not intend to list down the benefits of getting up early in the morning and exercising; dollars to doughnuts, we all have grown up hearing that, in multitude, from our parents and grandparents. All I intend is to share my experience regarding it.

Today, as I publish this blog post, it is my 8th day of the morning routine. Believe me, the 7 mornings prior to this, have transformed me. The feeling of getting up early, everyday, is incredible. Now, I have time for everything during the day. There is no laziness. In fact, it helped me to make a proper schedule of sleeping and waking up, which, as a matter of fact, is rare when you are in a hostel. I couldn’t ever think of the kinship a morning walk would have with time management, but, as I see it getting manifested in my daily routine, I know it is real. It is a way of releasing the enormous energies that we have in us, that otherwise should be wasted in trivial fights, arguments, and incidents, throughout the day. Either way, the energy must come out. Consider yourself a nuclear reactor, which is going to explode if the neutrons within you aren’t controlled.

The most amazing thing is the number of girls, I see around myself every day, in the morning, is constantly increasing- some eager to lose weight, whilst others coming merely for stamina and fitness.

When the cool breeze smoothly lands against your cheeks and entire face, it spreads your hair over your face; believe me, you don’t require a lover to admire that. Just close your eyes and feel the beauty within you. It is above this world. You are so pure and serene. And morning is the best time to experience your own beauty.

To all my friends, who are reading this blog post, be naive and gullible; just make a single attempt to get up early and you will know what I am talking about. As you go down the lane, tread upon the boulevards, just smile all throughout and have a feeling of gratitude.

We are still a lucky generation, at least the mornings are clean and pollution free. You do not know how the situation might change in a decade or so. Do not wait for any achievement or an event, because your money may leave you, whenever it so pleases, but, your health will always be with you. And as you go along the path, please do not plug in your ear phones; listen to the nature’s song.


7 thoughts on “The 7 mornings of transformation..

  1. amit kumar lal says:

    i like reading your blog post ……….. keep up the good work
    write some motivational blog post , its a request from my side

  2. tarun says:

    Excellent words.When i entered this college,i was having a good daily morning routine.But, i don’t know when and why i left it.But your words are, as always, motivational for me.

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