Acceptance or Rejection??

Yesterday, I spent my whole day in remorse, lonely, doing nothing. I made an achievement. People say ‘Nothing is Impossible’. But yesterday I did nothing, didn’t move even a pen off its place, and believe me NOTHING is possible. You can spend hours doing nothing, not even facebook, no whatsapp, no call, no SMS, no movie and not even sleep. Just sit and think-think about the happenings of the entire day.

That’s what I did. One of my friends criticized me in four different situations on a single day. It wasn’t that I felt bad or felt that I was wrong somewhere or anywhere. It was just that her sharp, stark words got into my head and wouldn’t go off. I wasted 7-8 hours thinking about what she said.

The issue with me was the criticism I was subjected to. I couldn’t bear that. I couldn’t accept her words. And I don’t think anybody else can. None of us can bear criticisms. All of us want to be liked-liked by all. We want everybody to like us- our dressing sense, our hairstyles, our personalities, whatever we speak etc. It pleases us all when somebody praises us. A word of approbation, from anybody, can make our day. On the contrary, a word of animosity can drive us crazy.

Wasting certain hours yesterday, I realized how important I am to myself. And how foolish of my friend to criticize me..!! It’s not only about me, I am cent percent sure I can substitute anybody’s name for ‘I’. To all of us, we are important. And as we grow up, our self-esteem too increases manifolds.

But a major issue to handle is why somebody else? Why do we look at somebody else to praise us or say some sugary-coated words? Sometimes, rather many- a –times those cheesy lines mayn’t be from their heart, rather superficial. Or why is it that somebody else’s parameters of goodness should apply to us?

The whole point is that we shouldn’t be dependent on anybody else for our happiness. A mere phrase shouldn’t take us on cloud nine nor should it take us as low as the deepest point on earth. Happy is the person who can maintain her/his calm at all points in life.

But, certainly if I say people’s views shouldn’t matter, so I’ll be wrong, because somewhere deep inside they even bother me. And after doing nothing that day, I figured out what should really affect me and what shouldn’t. I discovered something out of that day, in fact one of the biggest truths of my life.

After talking to another friend of mine- a closer one, I realized that probably it was I who was wrong, for I let anybody’s words affect me. She guided me through my remorse to make me realize that there are only a few people whom you can really rely upon. It is only that group of people whose absence or presence should be of any significance to us. But, there would be some points in life, where even those closed ones might not be with you. When you might see them on a side opposite to yours- your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your best of friends. Even then we must be sure of what we are doing and confident of our stand. It isn’t that all those people on the other end are wrong. But just that on the other side of the coin, they can’t see what you see. They can’t understand you.

But until you spiral down into such a miserable web, obviously you can depend on your closed ones. And in all phases of life- it is the best that you are you..!! It is best to be one’s own self sometimes. Every person has a unique nose, unique eyes, unique ears and unique mouth. All of us are beautiful and right in this world at least.


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