Dereliction On Our Part

As a kid, whenever we did something wrong and feared chiding from our parents, we used to be ready with our excuses: blame our siblings, try explaining the different scenarios- that probably happened in our imaginations alone- and some of the stories created right at the moment.
Time changes and we grow up physically and mentally. But one thing doesn’t change – our blaming habits, they only enhance with time, and their use increases exorbitantly.
Through this, I just want to draw home the fact that how irresponsible we are in everything we do. We have excuses for anything and everything. It seems that GOD has endowed us with this very special power. And this power of explaining is embedded in us so deeply, that we use it right from the time we wake up till we sleep- with utter perfection!!
None of us is ready to take responsibility and be accountable even for our own deeds. We do the minimum, by the virtue of which our task may be considered complete. Some of you may be wandering in what context am I speaking? What is the girl who has written and criticized the political demeanour trying to convey?
Let me instantiate. I am a college student. This is the third consecutive semester wherein we have the same lecture hall. And ever since then, some construction work is going outside which creates a lot of disturbance, making the teaching erratic. Obviously, as students we tend to enjoy it. But then, no teacher even made an attempt to approach our HOD so that we could shift to some other lecture hall. Obviously in an engineering college, we would be having at least some vacant classrooms. Nobody wants to change things. Every teacher turns a blind eye to it. This is the casual attitude amongst us that I was referring to. And this is what are politicians do. Ignorant. And what more can we expect since we know the elderly people are reluctant to change. But why go to those 80+ oldies, if we, being in our youth can’t change ourselves?
Everywhere I see a confluence of great minds- even in my college, including me- discussing about the problems we face. ‘The Lerds’ as Chetan Bhagat calls them in his latest book, ‘What Young India Wants’. Although he calls people in art colleges as Lerds and the engineering people as Nerds, who can solve any equation, but can’t socialize, personally I feel we all are Lerds. We can discuss a problem at length without looking for solutions. Solving a differential equation doesn’t make our life easy. We must know how to keep our problems at bay. Of course nobody is free of problems, but one must know how to face them.

Ideally, the government and higher authorities should be charged for making things complicated for us because it is the entire system that forces us to be who we are. When the friend of the Delhi Gangrape Victim told the world about the dreadful night- there was something more important highlighted. Not even a single person had come forward

to help them as they lay naked on the road. I don’t blame the people, for had it been me, even I might not have helped because even I fear the system. And I don’t even know how this shall be changed or will it ever change also, but this is the appalling reality.
But something did change. At least people came out together- more than ever. Even the men supporting women. Parents, kids, elderly people, college students- people from all walks of life- all came out in massive numbers. They changed something. That might be short lived. It is still a transformation, if not transmogrification.

People have a lot of power. It is the power of the people, under the guidance of our leaders, that brought us independence. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Thousands of people, out on streets, raised several questions. Some of them forced the government to end their hibernation.

The place where India stands today,with the majority below 40, makes her one of the youngest and the most important democracies. We are at a time witnessing the maximum rate of development, ever in our history. It isn’t about the Congress or the BJP, it is about the youth. And this youth will be required further to raise several questions to these politicians, and wake up several others who are still sleeping. But all this begins from our determination to solve at least our own problems. And as far as our class is concerned, yesterday a senior teacher was taking his class and those noises disturbed him too. The way he inquired about the persistence of those disturbances, it seemed to us that he will do something about it.


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