What a Shameful Defeat !! Is this the Indian team without Sachin Tendulkar? And what was Dhoni’s strategy, by not allowing Ishant Sharma to bat? As if he, all by himself, was letting India to one of the most glorious victories of all the times by getting on the strike for 5 balls in an over, and giving him the last ball. The situation was so unacceptable that Dhoni couldn’t have even raised his bat after a six-the only six India had. Even if India managed a 200, still it would have been a fight gracefully lost. At least, it would have been a fight. I wander, India is known for its batting ….

I hope the Indian Sports Committees take a note of this shameful and disgusting defeat, in a sport that is the lifeline of our country, more than our national sport. I am not somebody too fond of cricket or someone who should be watching all the matches, even if India is playing. I do not even want to hurt anybody’s sentiments. I am just being opportunistic to hope that the pathetic condition of sports in our country will see some hope. With the passage of time, as India is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, we are touching greater depths. It is then no shame that we couldn’t manage more than 6 medals in the Olympics, and not even a single Gold. Where is Abdul Kalam’s ‘India Vision 2020’?

The government must surely invest here. Awarding the medalists and assisting them to set up their training centers is a great measure, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Haryana CM has taken. But as it has been always true-It is not the passing but implementation that is a problem in India. I wander what development does our government boast of, with nothing visible to the general public. With so much of population to deal with, sports should be seen as a sector, to absorb more people. These people have an extremely soft heart- so soft, that they can’t do anything in any dimension. Each day we witness something new- something that puts our heads down again.


One thought on “AANEY DO.. LET’S Face IT !!

  1. shivam says:

    Every other sport in India deals with lack of infrastructure and proper facilities. The incessant corruption adds to it. No goverment authority has ever been questioned about the ill-treatment faced by our athletes and the difficult times when they are not provided with facilities and have to go through their training on their own expenditure.

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