Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year

Hey everybody, a very prosperous, bright, shining, peaceful, fun-filled and a warm(although its bit too chilling here) new year. Now we have finally entered into the new year, breaking away the myths of the Mayan Calendar coming to an end. We have days ahead. I wish you all. May you all stand up to your new year resolutions, if you have any 😉 . This statement is for people out of my category, since I don’t have any new resolutions. I never had them.

Just that the New Year Day is a bit binding on me- to get up early, bathe early, and do all the good stuff- whatever I want to. We have this myth in my family- Whatever you do on the first day, follows the rest of the year. Just like one should get up happy in the morning, in order to spend whole day happily. I know these may be myths, without any relevance. But I guess, these myths bind a family together. Its only when you live up to these beliefs, you are  happy as an individual.

May all of you have a glorious year ahead.


One thought on “Happy New Year 2013

  1. Manica Verma says:

    Happy new year dear Ritika.
    Well all I can say is that getting up in the morning with a happy frame of mind has a scientific reason to it.It completely falls in line with the fact that we create our destiny for the day with our thoughts. So when our early morning thoughts are all positive ,we are creating positive vibrations for the rest of the day.And in the morning our mind is the most relaxed because of the many hours of sleep it was put to.Therefore whatever you feed to your mind in the relaxed state, it stays for long:)
    Wish you luck.

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