We all know that the victim of the gang rape passed away this morning. But what needs to be realized is, this fight is not only for her, that should fizzle out now. It is for thousands of other girls who have been raped, harassed by the cops, while they struggled to get justice and many others who couldn’t even go to the cops because of social stigma. Even through this fortnight, as the nation protested and the victim struggled, as our government kept on promising, there were beasts who continued to rape girls-all throughout this nation. The government couldn’t fulfill its promise of protecting the citizens. They have an opportunity to take stringent actions now or let’s decide- it has to be either DO or DIE.

Let this be another independence movement- to ensure independence to the remaining 50% population that couldn’t be freed in 1947. Let us all ensure that this movement doesn’t die out. If the government can’t help us, let us take some concrete steps to help ourselves. For we all know, ‘GOD HELPS THOSE, WHO HELP THEMSELVES’ . Let us boycott our government this Republic Day. Let none of us go to attend the parade and speeches of our respectable Prime Minister, the Gandhis and Mr. Mukherjee. None of them have left even a single stone unturned to shame us. Let them address empty chairs and grounds. Let them feel humiliated in front of foreign delegates. Let them answer the international community directly, if they don’t want to answer us. Let us be peaceful as our government wants us to be. Let this Republic Day be a BLACK Day if this pleases the mighty politicians.


3 thoughts on “DO OR DIE

  1. Sachin Vohra says:

    truly said..either we boycott Republic day or they prove how fast track courts do they really boast about by hanging the perpetrators on the very same day ..

  2. shivam says:

    If the goverment wants us to be peaceful, we will remain peaceful .Boycotting the republic day will only lead to the mortification of the goverment, but they are in true words-shameless!

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