Is It The Return of British Rule in India…?

The protests over the week saw things changing. Police throwing cannons of water, using tear gas, retorting to lathi charge, even on women; to deter the masses- the whole scene reminded me of the British Rule- the Jallianwalla Bagh incident particularly, where General Dyer didn’t spare even women, kids and elderly.

The strange thing is that, the authorities instead of punishing the accused is up to the innocent people, who are protesting peacefully. And whenever it comes to taking some stringent actions, our politicians are reminded of laws and rules, and phrases like ‘Human Rights’, which they forget easily when it comes to hoi polloi. Perhaps, they are always concerned about the human rights of the accused; nobody cares about the victim. To add to it, we see politicians playing their copy written blame game- Sheila Dixit issuing disclaimers that the Delhi Police doesn’t come under her. I wander how can such a politician, to whom the people have been as faithful as a dog, by giving her 3 consecutive terms, pass such a comment? Amidst all this chaos, one thing is certain- even after such a horrendous crime, the politicians are interested only in their share of bones.

It seemed that the BJP came to steer the nation out of this crisis, but even their pressure seems to have fizzled out.

The government’s way to control this situation is to close down the metro stations, prevent the news channels from broadcasting the happenings at the protest area. What more do we expect from these political parties, when it is clear that even the major political parties have given their tickets to people sill accused of rape charges?

The fate of a girl is- either you get killed in the fetus, and if you manage to escape that, you shall bear the brunt of it at the hands of beasts; for how can a girl dare to live a peaceful and free life.

And then we have people as big as the President’s son, Mr. Abhijeet Mukherjee, Congress MP, commodifying women by calling them ‘dented and painted’. Well, such a sexist comment definitely implies the mindset of an India that refuses to move on. An India, that refuses to accept the individualism of women. It is this male chauvinism, medievalism and biasness that is not ready to accept the freedom of women, that is not ready to see women walking freely on roads, that can’t tolerate women working in offices and ensuring their financial independence; and to regulate all this, they have ensured there are enough animals for all the girls.

When will this India emancipate women? When will they come to terms with the fact that it is prerogative of women to go out anywhere, anytime and in any clothes, they feel they are comfortable in? Well, just as a piece of caution to them- they should see the current scenario as a prelude to something bigger- that can change the course of this nation- something synonymous to what many African nations are witnessing today.


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