Where Should We Go..??

City Shamed: read the first headline on the first page of the leading daily, The Times of India, in red bold letters. Not only the city, but the entire nation is chastened by such a brazen act of a few animals, who digressed from being- what God made them- The HUMAN BEINGS.

It is not the only incident; in fact the world has a record of crimes against women, written in its history. Or let’s say that the world history does not complete without such incidents- Rape being the most heinous of them.

The shameless incident has taken people out of their homes everywhere across the country. But what needs to be realized is, when will the right time come for this government to decide onto some stringent punishment for perpetrators of crime against women?
Just a few months ago, a girl in Jalandhar committed suicide after being harassed by a male friend of hers. A week ago, a cop in Punjab was brutally beaten up for protecting the honor of his daughter. What a matter of chagrin it is for a democracy, where people associated with political parties have an altogether different definition of justice for them- an all situation favorable justice.     Are there two definitions of justice in India?

There is more to it than meets the eye. In India, every 15-20 minutes a girl gets raped. And 1 out of 3 girls is a minor. At the protest area near India gate, a cop remarked casually that if girls fear rape, why do they have to go out late at night; to which the other cops standing behind, smiled. The crying need of the hour is where does 50% of the population go, if people meant to protect us pass such insensitive comments. What development do we boast of amid such a repugnant plight of women?

And why is it that the authorities wake up only when the crime has made its call? Why is it that we follow reaction after the action approach? Although the reaction is only in front of media to be-fool the public that something is being done. Is our system that visually impaired that it can’t see anything less than a girl’s death? Because even gargantuan amounts of rapes, domestic violence, harassment haven’t even woken them. Or are our politicians waiting for some auspicious date to be announced by some renowned priest, as is the usual custom in India, to start working on the issue?

President Barack Obama has resolved to punish the offenders who killed several young children in their school. The apathy of our nation is that our respectable Prime Minister and President are yet to confront the media. And how should they even, when the President’s guards are themselves reported to be indulged in harassing women. The remonstrations by the people are only a gratification to the acme of achievements the government has made when it comes to women.

The only solution that they have to offer girls is to restrict. Restrict to what? Should we restrict ourselves from going out or staying back at home? Since the men with excessive desires stay both inside and outside our homes.

The solution to this problem does not lie in passing a handful of laws in the parliament and state assemblies. It has to be a series of measures to prevent the occurrence of crimes against women right from eve teasing, passing comments, touching a girl, raping her and all the shit the beasts can bestow on girls. More than passing these measures, the dire need is to implement them and set up bodies to check their enforcement.

This is not only a government thing, but a major onus lies on the people as well. Let today’s youth not forget this incident until something substantial is done. The media must take an equal responsibility of keeping this alive in people’s mind, since media is the only pillar that keeps the spirit of Indian Democracy alive, lest this country should have been a mere skeleton, with all the dogs galloping their share of the bones.


7 thoughts on “Where Should We Go..??

  1. Anterpreet Kaur Bedi says:

    Delhi-now from just being the capital of our country has been promoted to the rape capital of the country!! A big shame for the country:(
    And moreover, a country with a dumb puppet as her prime minister cannot expect much regarding such a heinous act…everyone is responsible for his or her safety…!!
    I believe all the protests taking place in various nooks and corners of the ashamed country are of no use until and unless the mind setup of people is clean…dis is the very first step to make the country a safer place to live in!!

  2. Pragya Sharma says:

    seriously an apt article for whatever happened! And even after all this, the cops are still not stringent..! watch aaj tak for more where they carried out a mock bus drive with tinted glassed. All this shows how inefficient our system can be even after something happenend that shook the entire nation!!


    • Gaganpreet kaur says:

      U know Ritika… i appreciate what u actually meant in this blog,,but u know the main problem is????? ………….Before this thing should be concerned many other things should be wiped and cleaned out first………….

  3. Prerit Saxena says:

    A very good point raised by you. Completely agree with it. The only way out I see to it is to view the solution in short term and long term prospects. Long term solution includes providing good moral education to children from beginning so that they end up being responsible citizens of the country. And the short term solution includes imposing strict disciplinary actions on the culprits. Its only fear that can control a problem in less time.

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